Who created Animnotes and why?

    Animnotes was created by Disney Animator and CALARTS grad, Mario Furmanczyk (@mariofurmanczyk). As he grew up in Chicago, there was always a feeling of being too removed from the animation industry.  It was a struggle to figure out what to learn, and how to find qualified mentors and industry professionals for guidance towards a career in animation. 

    After years of delay, he was fortunate enough to finally get accepted into CALARTS, which allowed him access to a network that helped him achieve his life long dream of becoming a Disney Animator.   These days, school has gotten outrageously expensive and there was a feeling of frustration that the only option was to accumulate $100k in student loans in order to get the required education.  Ever since, Mario's dream was to create  an online platform which could connect industry professionals with eager students all over the world who are hungry to learn, but cannot afford school, or do not live near Los Angeles. 

    Animnotes was created so that anyone with a great portfolio and professional experience who felt like teaching a workshop could just do it on their own time.  The goal is to connect students from all over the world with talented, passionate educators.  

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